When life gives you lemons...

Discover our very latest creation: Inspired by traditional Italian flavours and local produce. Mello Cello uses organic unwaxed Italian lemons combined with sustainably sourced Sussex honey to create a uniquely British twist.

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We offer a tailor made service designed to help enhance your perfect party. We offer a pop up Cocktail Bar combined with the best cocktail shakers and mixologists, with a wealth of experience in creating the tastiest cocktails with the upmost flair and theatre for your event.

From Garden parties, BBQ’s, 18th’s and 50th’s, to Cocktail Events and Tastings we offer a total drink solution. We provide the cocktail bartenders, mobile bar, cocktail ingredients, glassware, and everything else required to make a fantastic event for you and your guests.

Pick your poison of choice and relax we have it covered!

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